The genesis of Lucent Diamonds started with the creation of Russian Colored Stone Company (RCS) via the efforts of Alex Grizenko. Intrigued by the opportunities presented by the Soviet Perestroika movement to build bridges through business and art, Alex, a native Canadian, was a primary organizer of a highly memorable cultural détente event: the first Soviet-US Contemporary Art Exhibition (1988-89). Always captivated by color, form, and fashion, Alex moved into the gemstone business as Russia's doors opened and presented the world with unique natural colored gemstones such as bi-colored topaz (Modern Jeweler, June 1995), alexandrite, demantoid, chrome diopside, spinel, scapolite, tourmaline. Many cutting award competitions were won with RCS's fine gemstones (see the RCS brochure from 1997). 

But Russia has always had more to offer than simply the minerals deep inside its mountains.  RCS soon became involved in laboratory created emerald and alexandrite and in parallel started working with Russia’s top diamond scientists. They were the first to create a commercially viable, gem-quality diamond grower and demonstrated the ability to grow diamonds in a lab, real diamonds with the same chemical, physical and optical properties as diamonds from the earth. And so the new adventure called Ultimate Created Diamonds (UCD) began with a partnership of brilliant physicists, chemists, engineers and marketing talent. 

In 1995 Ultimate Created Diamonds began offering intense yellow diamonds. Then every year for the next 5 years our lab grown diamonds made front page headlines (see "In The Media" including an interview with Alex Grizenko on growing color diamonds Rapaport Diamond Report, 1999).

Today after years of perfecting the process of growing diamonds we continue to offer our most beautiful color lab grown diamonds as well as the best colorless diamonds of high clarity.  

By the year 2000 after years of experimentation, we began offering natural-origin mined diamonds enhanced to permanent fancy colors. The process consisted of selecting natural diamonds by analyzing their specific physical and chemical properties and briefly exposing them to extreme high pressures and extreme high temperatures (HPHT). Using the same apparatus' used for growing diamonds we were now able to produce intense and vivid colors in natural mined diamonds. The Luminari Diamonds collection was created to bring to natural-origin diamonds Mother Nature’s palette of yellow, green and orange diamond colors at very affordable price points. The remarkable Luminari "Citrus" Diamonds with color shift properties (Commercial Production of HPHT-treated Diamonds Showing a Color Shift) expanded the palette to include a diamond that immediately responds to its lighting conditions; more green in bright light and more yellow in the subdued light.

Of course, we never stopped there. Our diamond wizards had more tricks up their sleeves. They determined how to identify natural mined diamonds that had the physical and chemical properties to become vibrant pink and red diamonds. For over four years we experimented with many new technologies and these colors turned out to be our greatest challenge. There were few available mined diamonds for this enhancement, the selection had to be precise and the multi-step treatment needed constant fine tuning. Yet by 2004, we had perfected the process and so the Imperial Red Diamond was born. It quickly became, so to speak, the talk of the town. Stories were published in all the major gem and jewelry publications including a highly detailed technical article in GIA's Gems and Gemology, a front page article in Rapaport Diamond Report and in most industry journals and magazines (see "In The Media").

There's something magical about diamonds, they've captured the imagination of people for so long. They have a magnificent way of dealing with light that separates them from all the other precious stones. No other gemstone is a diamond and no other gemstone can express fire, brilliance, scintillation and luster like a diamond. All diamonds, whether mined or lab grown, are really are just a miracle of nature.

Lucent Diamonds is dedicated to making fine colorless and rare color diamonds more available and affordable through new and sophisticated diamond technologies. 

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