Welcome to our 'Diamonds by Color" Gallery

In our virtual store we present to you our finest color and colorless diamonds. In our Gallery we showcase selected diamonds grouped only by color, not by origin. Lucent Diamonds have two origins; grown deep inside the earth and grown inside a lab on the earth's surface. Our natural mined diamonds are permanently color enhanced by a process that uses extreme heat and pressure. Our lab grown colorless, blue, yellow and orange diamonds acquire their fancy colors and absence of color during growth without any further enhancements.  All of our diamonds are supported with detailed reports including diamond and color origin information.  

Consider this: chemically, physically and optically.. only a diamond is a diamond. Both mined and lab grown diamonds have the same properties. The same hardness, specific gravity, refractive index, dispersion factor, brilliance, fire, scintillation and sparkle. Both undergo the exact same cutting and polishing process. And both mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds are analyzed by the same trusted diamond grading laboratories.  

Diamond lovers now have a choice. The diamond that they wear could be millions of years old or just several months old. Lab and mined diamonds have something even more remarkable in common: they are both symbols of love and they will last and sparkle equally, forever.

Come take a tour and sample the brilliant colors of our Diamond Gallery. For a more complete offering please visit the LuminarieVo and Imperial Red Diamonds Collections.

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