Diamond connoisseurs worldwide have recognized for centuries that the rarest diamond – in truth, the rarest gem in the world – is a natural red diamond. And pinks aren’t far behind. Recent media attention covering stunning exhibitions of fancy-color diamonds at museums nationwide – and top stars making these exotic beauties the “engagement ring of choice” – have captivated the public. Pink diamonds have moved center-stage in the designer jewelry arena; interest and demand continue to grow. But today, nature’s very rare natural-color red and pink creations are competing with Imperial Red Diamonds, natural diamonds with the right chemical and physical properties transformed into the prized reds and pinks.

Each Imperial Red Diamond undergoes a heating process that reaches temperatures that are found deep in the Earth where the diamonds were originally formed. The resultant color is permanent. These diamonds receive color-grading certificates from major labs throughout the world. Imperial Red Diamonds are not visually distinguishable with the naked eye from natural-origin red diamonds that are not enhanced. Although identifying Imperial Red Diamonds does present some challenges for the trade, qualified diamond grading labs are able to discern their unique identifying characteristics. Using sophisticated equipment, a number of standard gemological features distinguish these stones as being diamonds of natural origin (i.e. not lab grown) with enhanced color.

Imperial Red Diamonds are graded as any other diamond, and the four C’s (color, cut, carat weight, clarity) are used to describe these diamonds, although color is the most important. The range of color hues of Imperial Red Diamonds are: purple red, purplish red, red, orangy red, and intense pink with and without modifying colors. 

Naturally colored diamonds in the pink-to-red hue range are some of the most exotic and expensive gemstones, commanding prices of one million US dollars per carat and more.  Our remarkable high-tech achievement enables consumers to be able to afford a diamond of natural origin, in a pink or red color, that would otherwise have been beyond their wildest dreams. 

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