Create your own ring by selecting your perfect center diamond, and then match it with a stunning setting from our handcrafted engagement ring collection.

Custom Build: 

Each custom ring is hand set at the time of order. You will receive your ring within 14 days of purchase. We will contact you throughout the process to let you know your order status.

Diamond Size Ranges: 

Our engagement rings accommodate round diamonds from .50 Ct. (5.2 mm) to 2.0 Ct. (8.2 mm). If you would like a setting customized for a different diamond shape or size, please contact us by phone at 424-777-2390 or email for pricing.

If browsing our diamond inventory, look for diamonds that are slightly below or above the carat weight you consider ideal. For example, instead of just filtering for 1.00 carat diamonds, explore those at .97 and .98 carats. These difference in size will be negligible.

The following are some recommended diamond size ranges:

  • 1.00 Ct. size ranges = 0.95-1.10 carats
  • 0.75 Ct. size ranges = 0.70-0.79 carats
  • 0.50 Ct. Size ranges = 0.45-0.58 carats 

Step 1: Choose a Diamond

Select your perfect diamond from hundreds of ethical, verified origin options. 

Step 2: Choose a Setting

Each ring is handcrafted from 14K white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Selected ring settings are accented with round, lab grown diamond melee.

Step 3: Complete Your Purchase

To complete your purchase, please visit your shopping cart by clicking here.

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