Luminari's Citrus Diamonds are 100% natural mined diamonds whose brilliant colors are permanently revealed by the most advanced high pressure, high temperature technology (HPHT). By replicating Mother Nature's geological pressures of 60,000 atmospheres and temperatures above 2,200°C (4,000°F), we finish what the earth began. Natural diamonds with the right chemical and physical properties are transformed to permanent and spectacular diamond colors of yellow, orange and green. 

Only qualified diamond grading labs that use the latest technology are able to fully identify Citrus Diamonds as natural origin of enhanced color. Citrus Diamonds are graded as all color diamonds. The four C’s (color, cut, carat weight, clarity) and a myriad of analytical findings are used to describe our diamonds. Color, as always with color diamonds, is the most important.

Since 2000 Citrus Diamonds have gained a worldwide following of color diamond connoisseurs who are able to acquire beautiful natural-origin diamonds at substantially lower prices.


The Citrus Green Diamonds possess a very special and rare color shift ability, please read about these amazing chartreuse diamonds in GIA's Gems and Gemology (Commercial Production of HPHT-treated Diamonds Showing a Color Shift). Highly saturated combinations of yellow and luminescent green are rare in natural colored color diamonds. A historical example is an intense greenish yellow, 2.15 ct. diamond that reportedly once belonged to Pedro II, the emperor of Brazil during the mid-19th century.

In bright outdoor and indoor lighting they exhibit greenish hues that remind us of the succulent color of freshly cut limes or young leaves shimmering in sunlight. In dimmer lighting conditions Citrus Green Diamonds immediately become more yellow, more tranquil and as some have described them, more enlightened. Being natural diamonds with variations in diamond color centers, the degree of green to yellow change varies, however, all Citrus Green Diamonds are carefully chosen for their apparent and remarkable color shift.

All of the Citrus Diamonds showcased in these webpages are selected from our extensive inventory. Contact us to inquire about any shapes and sizes that you may desire, they may be in our inventory, in production or if possible, we will produce them for you. 

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